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As all customers seek the best quality of service to ensure their car stays with them in long run, FTC a subsidiaries of MAC groupe strives to offer the best to its customers to ensure a strong relationship with them and maintain reciprocated trust.

MAC offers the best service at all times and ensures that all of their customer’s needs are met in their dealings with the company. The company owns a number of service centers that welcome GAC car owners 12 hours a day for the completion of maintenance and repair of the largest number of cars in the shortest time period possible as they take in a vast number of cars monthly without any prior arrangements or appointments.

« Mutawa Alkazi» is proud of its fast maintenance and repair work carried out by a specialized technical team and the coach of engineers and technicians with high efficiency and large capacity to detect any malfunction and work to repair with the possibility of providing an integrated report on the state of the car and repair systems.

The company is keen on pleasing its customers through its focus on providing after-sales services by offering original spare parts at the best prices parts with the quality and originality of the parent company guarantee, as well as the constant warning of fake spare parts and the many risks, which have become a threat to the lives of the people on the road as a result of such defects and damages. (GAC) mentions such in their Marketing introduction as they are keen on always providing the best quality parts, and efficient repair by the hands of skilled technicians and engineers.

The company is keen to secure the original spare parts for different types and models of cars, either through multi-service centers or through requesting certain pieces from abroad. Pieces are brought in by air in order to preserve customer time and original price without being charged air freight costs. Therefore, through MAC’s serious commitment towards all its clients in Kuwait from citizens to expatriates, its goal is to always provide better service while maintaining an a hard working, integrated, dedicated, and highly qualified team in terms of experience, training courses and intense programs.

To ensure privacy the company provides private lounges for women and men with the wifi.

« Mutawa Alkazi » has the best Dealership Awards, on after sales and «Service Hero» and was the first among the 34 competing companies for its excellent services and quality of dealing with customers. The company was able to maintain this standard over the years to which defined its relationship with its customers on a basis built on mutual trust which benefited the service centers and facilities.

The company has sought to provide integrated services such German dye furnaces which are the latest paints certified by automotive manufacturers in the world.
The company aims to secure the delivery of a vehicle to the owner after confirming all the maintenance work required, installation of original spare parts, as well as informing the car owner on the status of the car, faults that the car may be subject to, parts that will need to be replaced before their end period and visiting the service center before that time.

«Mutawa Alkazi’s first goal is to provide the best customer service rather than profit. MAC works to provide a car rental service at discounted rates for car owners. If required, car owners who’s vehicles will require some time for maintenance and repair will be given a rental car. Therefore, our client will be able to accomplish their needs with the use of the rented car.

BAIC Service Center -Shuwaikh

Telephone number: 1833334

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