Rental & Leasing

Mutawa Alkazi has experience of over fifty years, its name became conjoined with the trust and satisfaction of their clients in Kuwait. This came as a result of their achievements of excellent services provided to customers over the years as well as the quality of products offered. The Group seeks to provide all the facilities needed by customers owning compact sedans, medium-sized cars, SUVs or luxury cars, which can be made available for hire to the client’s need and desire.
Moreover, the great reputation and the continuous growth of Mutawa Alkazi Group are due to their services, whether the  needs is for a car or a fleet of vehicles, is due to their commitment to provide the highest level of services and quality.
Mutawa Alkazi focused on providing the highest level of service to its customers, and for that it has won numerous awards from global and local studies companies for customer satisfaction in sales, leasing or after-sales services.
Mutawa Alkazi provides special and exclusive offers with privileges for customers to rent either for individuals or companies:

  • Gold Comprehensive Insurance
  • Periodic maintenance of the car
  • Replacement Car
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
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