Smart & Various Functions

Flexible … Following Your Personal Requirements

Flexible Body Arrangement
The roof, doors and windscreens are easily detachable. BJ40 offers unique experience, so you will never stop looking forward to a change

Smart Functions
The operation of BJ40 is easy and convenient thanks to the human designs and considerate details, e.g. cup holder at air outlet, panoramic reversing radar, powered foldable side mirror and overhead stereo system

Off-road Survival Information System
The dashboard shows such information as gradient, direction, altitude and atmospheric pressure, so you are really free of care

Adventure as you wish… Your travel is customisable by BJ40. Your extraordinary personality can be perfectly
interpreted if you brave challenges.

The harder the environment … the more is your excitement.

Excellent Performance … Full-time Control Of Road Conditions

Low-Speed Large-Torque Output
High-efficiency power output: It has reached 82% of the peak torque when 1200rpm and 90% when 1600rpm

Safe and Reliable
A standard configuration of ultra-high anti-roll frame in the front and rear constitutes a natural barrier to protect passengers› safety. Theanti-compressive stiffness on the roof is up to 22240N

Unique trafficability
Approach angle is 37°, departure angle is 33°, ramp-over angle is 24°, and the Min. ground clearance is 210mm

Strong Separate Frame Construction
BJ40 boasts separate frame construction, which increases its torsional stiffness by 40%. The cross section of its frame is 138×60mm2 more than that with a similar thickness, so that BJ40 is in a position to withstand any extreme torque

Part Time 4-Wheel Drive
BJ40 can work under all kinds of weather and topography. 4L may allow torque to be magnified by 2.5 times,up to 542NM
2-wheel rear-drive
High-speed 4-wheel drive
Low-speed 4-wheel drive

BJ40, an extraordinary SUV with unlimited ambition and fearless power, allows your passion to travel at large

The top risk in life is evasion from risk!

BJ40 is manufactured as a military vehicle, tested like a military vehicle and comparable to a military vehicle

4 cylinder 2.4 liter 143 hp

Tested like a military vehicle
BJ40 has successfully experienced a road test over one million kilometers

Top military standard
This SUV employs military technology, e.g. metal-embraced brake line and all-floating drive axle

Colors & Dimensions

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