4 cylinder Turbo 2.0 liter 204 hp
4 cylinder Turbo 2.3 liter 250 hp

Multi- mode 5 speed AMT transmission with tiptronic transmission with the sport mode

The turbo kicks in and responds as low as 1200 rpm, boosting fast acceleration at the start and reaching a maximum torque of 350 Nm the minute it reaches 1900 rpm

The father of turbocharger technology defined
an era of SAAB. The power can burst out from
the very first moment. The steady, powerful
engine roars, rousing your desire to set off. A
road may have an end, but a dream has no
boundary. The A5 series lets the heart fly at
another level, even as it glides along a royal


Luxury deployment ensures a first-class experience

Keyless entry + central smart one-key start-up

Independent, two-zone automatic A/C + rear air vent + Air Quality System (AQS)

American BOSE 1+11hi-fi palace class surround sound system

Smart induction headlights feature automatic height adjustment

7-inch DVD multimedia with touch LCD, the largest among cars of the same class (equipped with GPS)

Nothing interprets luxury better than science aesthetics. Sitting in the A5 enjoying the first-class luxury deployment, you will feel at home with your inner desires in your encircling private space.
The prime audio system will create a strikingly broad sound field. The comfortable aerospace seats address the needs of human nature. Driving means not merely going ahead, but evokes an infinite longing for purity, freedom and the breakthrough of earthliness


All-dimensional protection system

Unique body structure modeled after reindeer antlers and integrated pendulum-type B-pillar design

Updated BOSCH ESP (9.0), integrating eight features

Unique pro-active headrest protection

6 air bags/curtains, including 2 front airbags + 2 front side airbags + 2 integrated side air curtains

Exclusive Side View Assist (SVA) system among cars of the same class

46+ (F/R) probe radar the same color as the car body

SAAB’s unique aviation-class night panel

The A5 series adheres to the concepts of aviation safety and pays acute and particular attention to detail. We believe that only impeccable safety protection can ensure an attentive and pleasant driving experience. The A5 series is equipped with armor-like configurations, such as the updated BOSCH ESP (9.0), Side View Assist system (SVA), a body structure modeled after reindeer antlers, which not just provide passive protection but also active defense, thus safeguarding personal safety in a positive and comprehensive way


Flying on the ground, creating a legend of performance

Upgraded lightweight sports chassis, assembled with one-piece hydro formed auxiliary frame

Innovative programmed self-steering system for rear wheels

Multi-functional steering wheel, integrated Bluetooth and sound control system; Self-shift paddle on the steering wheel; smart cruise control system

The extraordinary driving performance can be best experienced in more complex road conditions. The A5 series offers the driver a unique chance to enjoy flexible control which has been tuned by BAIC’s international professional team. Meanwhile, the robust chassis ensures ease of control and redefines your driving experience

Colors & Dimensions

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